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Application for Class Placement

Class Placements

May is the month where we accept requests for next year’s classroom placements.  If you have a particular request for your child, please complete the form stating a valid academic reason why you are requesting a certain classroom placement.  Please understand that not all requests can be honoured as we are mindful of all of our students' needs.  We place great value on our teachers’ opinions and we spend a great deal of time creating classes. 

If you would like to request Nature Grade One, the process is the same.  Fill out the classroom placement request and we will do what we can to accommodate the request.  Please remember that we have 51 Kindergarten students and only 22 Nature Grade One spots.  Requests for Nature Grade One are NOT granted on a first come/first served basis, rather on a “Best Fit” basis.

The Deadline for Class Placement is is now passed.