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Health and Safety

Classroom Health Check Links

Please select the Health Check link below that coincides with your child's class. This Health Check MUST be completed every morning prior to coming to school. Students who are sick in any way MUST stay home.

To expedite your morning Health Check Routine, save this link to your device and do the survey while having a healthy breakfast with your child. 

Save the link to the survey or the QR code that corresponds to your child's class to your device for easy access. 

Div 1 - Ms Froese 

Div 2 - Ms Lorieau/Ms. Miettinen

Div 3 - Ms Moore 

Div 4 - Mrs. Britton 

Div 5 - Mrs. Sterrett 

Div 6 - Mrs. Crocker 

Div 7 - Ms.Stroet/Mrs. Schultz

Div 8 - Mrs. Katan/Mrs. Torok 

Div 9 - Mrs. Morgante 

Div - 10 - Ms. Mantta 

Div 11 - Mrs. Hickey 

Div 12 - Mrs. Dueck 

Div 13 - Mrs. Baerg 

Div 14 - Mrs.Nicholls