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Swift ROCK Star Student Celebrations

At the end of every month we ask the teachers to give us 2 or 3 students who are the Swift ROCK Stars for the month. The student's picture and a positive comment about that student is posted on the ROCK Star board in the hall all the following month and then we have a Pencil Celebration for those children on the 1st Tuesday of the next month. (For example: September's kids are collected September 27-28 and posted during October and celebrated on the 1st Tuesday of November. Yes, it does get confusing but it works!) All children eventually get on the board and their names posted on the website. (first name and last inital only, no pictures on the website) 

This is a fun and much anticipated tradition at Swift. If you child is a ROCK Star student and is away on Pencil day, we will save one for him/her!

Cupcake Celebration Dates:

November 2 (Sept Star Students) -
December 7 (Oct Star Students) -
January 4 (Nov Star Students) - 
February 1 (Dec Star Students) - 
March 1 (Jan Star Students) - 
April 5 (Feb Star Students) -
May 3  (March Star Students) -
June 7 (April Star Students) - 
June 28 (May Star Students) -