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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Shannon Kenney Principal shannon.kenney [at]


Name Position Div Email
Michelle O'Doherty ELL (Thursday & Friday) michelle.odoherty [at]
Angeline Mantta Gr. 1 10 angeline.mantta [at]
Julie Morgante Gr. 1 11 julie.morgante [at]
Amanda Hickey Gr. 1 - Nature 12 amanda.hickey [at]
Lara Katan Gr. 2 (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri) 8 lara.katan [at]
Karla Stroet Gr. 2 (Mon/Tues/Wed) 9 karla.stroet [at]
Raelene Torok Gr. 2 (Wed) 8 raelene.torok [at]
Carmen Schultz Gr. 2(Thurs & Fri) 9 carmen.schultz [at]
Skye Britton Gr. 2/3 7 skye.britton [at]
Melanie Crocker Gr. 3 6 melanie.crocker [at]
Deanne Spenard Gr. 3 5 deanne.spenard [at]
Kelly Jones Gr. 3/4 4 kelly.jones [at]
Paula Brennan Gr. 4 paula.brennan [at]
Kendra Froese Gr. 4/5 1 kendra.froese [at]
Tammy Miettinen Gr. 4/5 (Monday), Phys. Ed. 3 tammy.miettinen [at]
Jennifer Mann Gr. 4/5 (Tuesday to Friday) 3 jennifer.mann [at]
Jenn Baerg Kindergarten - Nature 14 jenn.baerg [at]
Amanda Nicholls Kindergarten - Nature 15 amanda.nicholls [at]
Bethany Dueck Kindergarten/Gr 1 13 bethany.dueck [at]
Krista Lanigan Learning Assistance krista.lanigan [at]
Gwen Thurmer Learning Assistance gwen.thurmer [at]
Sue Savage Library Learning Commons sue.savage [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Christine Dahl Administrative Assistant christine.dahl [at]
Baljinder Toor Custodian
Debbie Konrad Custodian (Head)
Sylvia Coutts Education Assistant sylvia.coutts [at]
Christie Geissler Education Assistant christie.geissler [at]
Natalieth Arcos Educational Assistant natalieth.arcos [at]
Krista Derksen Educational Assistant krista.derksen [at]
Darcie Doerfling Educational Assistant darcie.doerfling [at]
Theresa Duffin Educational Assistant theresa.duffin [at]
Cally Hogness Educational Assistant cally.hogness [at]
Emily Hood Educational Assistant emily.hood [at]
Nasiha Kavozovic Educational Assistant nasiha.kavozovic [at]
Jessica Mantle Educational Assistant jessica.mantle [at]
Catherine Pall Educational Assistant cathy.pall [at]
Brenda Caplette Indigenous Support Worker (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) brenda.caplette [at]
Laurie Salter Library Tech (Tuesday) laurie.salter [at]
Lise Price Strong Start Faciltator AM/ Educational Assistant PM lise.price [at]
Kirsten Skotnitsky Youth Care Worker kirsten.skotnitsky [at]