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Music Class Support

Music for May 19 - 22

Hello Swift families,

I am switching gears now to support learning at school on my music days, so will not be making further music posts.  Don’t let that stop you from making music, though!  Take a look back through old posts or check out to keep you going.  In addition to the weekly lesson plans arranged by grade, Musicplay has a number of fun online games to play, found in the column on the right side of their webpage.  These games cover various musical concepts, including high & low sounds, rhythms, note reading, orchestral instruments and more.  Check out the game Smooth & Separate (primary), or Rhythm Racing (grade 2+) to start.

Happy June, everyone!

Join with me (& Heidi Karlsson) in singing “See ya later, Alligator!

Mrs. Schultz