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News: Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Orange Shirt Day

We are honoured to work and learn on the traditional, ancestral, unceded, and shared territories of the Stó:lō people, Sema:th and Mathqwí First Nations.

Today is an important but difficult day for our Indigenous Communities.

Abbotsford School District acknowledges historical and ongoing injustices that Indigenous Peoples endure in Canada, and accept responsibility as an educational institution to contribute toward revealing and correcting miseducation as well as renewing respectful relationships with Indigenous communities through teaching and community engagement.

Today we remember the children that attended Residential schools.  We remember children who were removed from their homes and had their culture and language taken.  Today we remember those who didn’t survive, those who endured and those still impacted by intergenerational trauma.  We remember our Indigenous children in care whose situations are a direct link to those past hurts and injustices.

Thank you Swift Families and Staff for your support of this important day.