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School Supplies

Grade K to 5 Supply Lists for the 2021-2022 school year:

We have a contract with a company called "SchoolStarts" which offers school supply kits. You can find the lists below. Each document is two pages with important information for ordering on the second page. The Grades 1 - 5 lists are set up with two sections. The items on the top section tend to be used up year to year and need to be purchased on an annual basis. The items on the bottom section are items you may have purchased in past years and can be reused. If you DO NOT have these items, they also need to be purchased.  ALL items from both sections need to be brought to school in September. You may also purchase these supplies at any store. Please pay attention to Brand names as these are the items that are proven to work best.

Ordering Through SchoolStarts - simple and fast

Ordering can be done 3 ways:

  1. ONLINE on the SchoolStarts website
  2. By phone 1-800-580-1868
  3. By E-mail - print off the appropriate form below, fill it in clearly and completely and send it to info [at] (subject: Swift%20School%20Supply%20Order)  

Payment can be made by Credit Card or Cheque.
We are NOT accepting any orders at the school.

Send Cheques to:
1317 - 43 Avenue SE, 
Calgary, AB  T2G 2A3. 
Cash will not be accepted.

There is NO deadline for ordering and no late fees. 

How to Order

Log in as a Parent with your password from last year or, if you forgot it, you can "reset" your password. If you are new to ordering, you will need to make a Parent Account. Once you are in, click the "Click Here to Purchase Your School Kits" and then follow the prompts to find the school name "Dr. Thomas A Swift. Select your Grade and fill in the online form. Remember that all items on the lists are required but if you already have some of the items on the bottom portion of the order form, you can change or delete the quantity before you hit the Submit button. If you have questions, you can contact SchoolStart at info [at] .


All school supplies will be delivered at no cost to your home. Please be sure to fill in the address clearly and completely.

Labelling Supplies

Please label all your school supplies, waterbottles, shoes, jackets and other clothing items you do not want to lose.

Nature K and Nature 1 Clothing Supply List

If your child is entering Nature Kindergarten or Nature Gr. 1, use the Nature Clothing List to purchase the extra items needed for outdoor classrooms. These items need to be brought to class on your first day of FULL DAY classes.