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Kindergarten Registration

Gradual Entry for Kindergarten September 2021

If you have already registered your child for Kindergarten at Swift, you will have received a package via Canada Post containing a letter with your unique Gradual Entry Schedule along with a calendar overview of the schedule and a school map. Here are links to the Gradual Entry Calendar and School Map. The Gradual Entry Letter with your child's unique schedule has also been emailed to you. You will need to call the office after August 24th to book your individual interview time with your child's teacher. Please do so prior to September 3rd. If you have not received neither the package nor the email, please contact the office on or after August 24th. 

Registration Requirements for ALL Kindergarten Students

You must register at your Catchment School. If you are unsure about which is your catchment school, use this app to help: School Locator.

For More information go to the District Website

**Kindergarten Registration is ongoing. If you have recently moved into the Swift Catchment and are registering your child during summer, please follow the directions below and email your registration to swift [at] Someone will get back to you after August 24th.

How do I register for Kindergarten?

Enter your primary home address into our School Locator portal to determine your neighbourhood catchment school. Families must register first with their neighbourhood catchment school, regardless of where they may want to send their child.

Choose one of the below registration options for 2021. Regardless of the chosen registration method, all families will be required to provide identification documents to satisfy proof of age and proof of address, etc. Once your registration is received, you will be sent an email with a link to a calendar to book an appointment to bring in Original Supporting Documents. Please provide an accurate email address and phone number for parent/guardian contact.

1. Online Registration (requires a computer, not a cell phone) - link opens January 18 at 8 am - see District Kinder Registration page - you will set up an account and add your child and upload your supporting documents to this program. 
2. Fillable PDF forms - download before you fill in - Save and Name the documents in this format - "your child's name KinderReg.pdf", "your child's name Email Consent.pdf", etc... and include scans of the supporting documents (also saved and named with child's name) listed below and email everything to swift [at] (subject: Kinder%20Registration)  

3. Printed Registration forms - Print the above forms and fill them in by hand. Make copies of your supporting documents (see below). Contact the school office (604-853-7730) to make an appointment to bring all the documents in. Please bring originals of all supporting documents.

Parents will need to provide all of the following REQUIRED information for each child they are registering. Click Here for a print out of this information.

  • Birth Certificate (Additional documents if necessary - passport or permanent resident card)
  • Child's BC Services Card (scan both sides), MSP Care Card, or other Medical Insurance papers
  • Proof that one parent is a Canadian Citizen if not listed on child's birth certificate or Permanent Resident (Birth Certificate, Passport,Canadian Citizenship Card or Permanent Resident Card (in Canada prior to July 31, 2017**)
  • Proof of Address #1 - One of the following: Mortgage papers, rental agreement, Property Sale Agreement, Property Tax Notice, Home Insurance, Utility Bill
  • Proof of Address #2 -One of the following: MSP Bill, Child Tax Credit Statement, Income Tax Assessment, Vehicle Insurance, most recent T4
  • Immunization Record - this is not required for registration, however, Fraser Health is asking us to collect this information from all Kindergarten Parents.

**If both parents are not a Canadian Citizen (even if your child was born in Canada), email luella.johnsen [at] (subject: Kinder%20Registration) to set up an appointment with the School Board office to complete initial registration or call (604) 852-2366 ext 1203 to make your appointment. There will be no in-person appointments. All documents will be processed via email.
**If one or both parents are Canadian Citizens (even if your child was born outside of Canada), complete the registration process as above.

Nature Kindergarten Info

ALL students wanting to apply for Nature Kindergarten MUST apply at their catchment school FIRST during January Registration from January 18 - 22. The Lottery for Nature K will be open from January 25 - 29. Parents wanting their K Student Nature Kindergarten should optain a PIN from the school office prior to January 25th and enter it during the 5 days that the lottery is open. Swift catchment Kindergarten students must also enter the lottery. Swift Catchment students will get first spots; Siblings of Out of Catchment students already attending Swift will get the next spots; Left over spaces are awarded to Out of Catchment students via a Random Lottery.

More information about registering for the District Nature Kindergarten program. View our Nature Kindergarten Info Video here