Health and Safety

When to Keep your Child at Home

If your child has a fever, a runny nose and/or cough related to congestion or cold, or has vomited within the last 24 hours, please keep your child at home. Children who begin to exhibit any of these symptoms at school will be kept safe in our medical area until a parent or emergency contact can come and pick them up. Please be sure to have updated contact information on file with the office.

Headlice is often an issue in fall and winter as children share hats and coats are hung close together. If your child develops headlice, please keep them home for the day and treat the lice. The child can come to school the next day if the hair has been treated and long hair is tied up in braids.  The letter below is sent out to classrooms when a student is found to have headlice. This is simply to inform other parents to watch for symptoms and to help control the spread. 

Here is a Quick Guide to Common Childhood Diseases put out by the Government of BC. 

We thank all of you for keeping your children home when they are feeling under the weather, and for helping to keep us all healthy and safe!

Letter to Parents regarding Headlice