PAC Executive

Your PAC Executive for 2022-23

President  -  Tasha Mash
Vice President  -  Melissa Tanner
Secretary  -  Ryan Wynsouw
Treasurer - Laurel Ball
Hot Lunch Co-ordinator  -  Keri Buxton
D-PAC Representative  -  Amy MacKenzie
Fundraising Co-ordinator  -  Michelle Forrest & Michelle Jones
Staff Appreciation Rep  -  Jennifer Russell
Carnival Co-ordinators  -  Evelyn Whitehead & Ken Olynyk

You can email the PAC Executive at:

E-Transfers and PAC Donations

If you are interested in paying for hot lunch or specific fundraisers via E-transfer, please use " ". Be specific in the 'message' line with your child's name and what you are paying for. The Security Question is "What is the school name?" and the Security Answer is "Swift" or "TASwift"

If you want to simply donate to the PAC for general fundraising you can do so through the PAC Contribution item listed on your School Cash Online account. This money will go directly to PAC general fundraising.