PAC Executive

Your PAC Executive for 2023-24

President  -  Keri Buxton
Vice President  -  Melissa Tanner
Secretary  -  Jessica Friesen
Treasurer - Stefanie Friend
Hot Lunch Coordinator  -  TBA
D-PAC Representative  -  Amy MacKenzie
Fundraising Coordinator  -  Michelle Jones & Jennifer Russell
Staff Appreciation Rep  -  Danyella McKinnon
Carnival Coordinator  -  TBA

You can email the PAC Executive at: 
You can email the Treasurer at:
You can email the Fundraising Coordinator at:
You can email Hot Lunch Coordinator at:

Please refrain from using personal Facebook messaging to contact our PAC Leaders and use the emails above instead. We prefer to keep our Facebook messaging for personal use only. 

E-Transfers and PAC Donations

If you are interested in paying for hot lunch or specific fundraisers via E-transfer, please use "".

  1. Be specific in the 'message' line with your child's name and what you are paying for. 
  2. The Security Question is "What is the school name?" and the Security Answer is "Swift" or "TASwift"