PAC Fundraising

Got ideas?? Get involved with the PAC!

Panago Fundraiser

Time to order your Panago Pizza coupons! $14.00 each. Order on your HOT LUNCH account. Deadline is May 10, 2024 at 4:00 pm.

Each coupon is valid for any medium pizza, unlimited toppings and expires on August 10, 2024. 
PAC received $4.00 for each order. 

ArtCards - 

ArtCard orders will be delivered to the school between May 6- 10. Your items will be sent home with your child. 

Return-it Fundraiser - On going

Head to any Return-it Express depot with your bottles in a CLEAR or BLUE recycling bag. Use the school phone number (604-853-7730) at the Express computer and it will print out a sticker for you to put on your bag(s). You can bring up to 6 bags at a time. Leave the bag (tied) with the sticker in a prominent place in the designated area and the Return-it folks will count it up. Please be sure not to make your bags too full or heavy. All funds raised will go directly to the PAC fundraising account. This is an on-going fundraiser so you can donate all year long.

Cobbs Bread - On Going

Whenever you go to Cobbs to buy bread, just mention Dr. Thomas A Swift and a percentage of the sale will go towards our PAC fundraising. This is an on-going fundraiser you can participate in all year long at the Gladwin Rd Location and the High Street Location.

Mabels Labels - On Going

Head over to - select "support a fundraiser" and select "Swift" - it's as easy as that, and the school gets 20% back on every order!

PAC E-Transfer Information for 2023-2024 School Year

For any PAC Fundraising or other PAC Funds please use the following E-transfer information:

Question: What is school name?
Answer: Swift or taswift (if you need 6 or more characters)

When you send a transfer, be sure to always put your or childs full name and title of fundraiser in the "NOTES" section (ex. Neufelds, Coupon Books, Swift Wear etc.).
If you are sending funds for 2 or more things please breakdown the items in notes ($50 for coupon $100 for Neufelds). This will help our treasurer with keeping things straight.