Kindergarten Gradual Entry

Gradual Entry is a way for Kindergarten children to slowly acclimatize to the schedule and procedure of going to school full time. It begins on Tuesday, September 3rd with a short meeting of all the parents and students. The following 3 days are available for one on one visits with the teacher for each student. Monday, September 9 to Thursday, September 12 the children attend 2 shorter small group days then 2 longer small group days. Friday, September 13 begins with a shorter full class day, with each subsequent day getting longer until the students start a full day of class on Wednesday, September 18.

This info is all sent home to each Kindergarten family who has enrolled in paper copy in the beginning of July. If you do NOT receive this information in July, please let us know. We also have the general schedule posted below. 

Each child has a "UNIQUE to them" schedule. Please read your information carefully to know what your child's specific schedule is. Drop off and pick up are at the scheduled times at the classroom door.

One on One appointments are made through "School Appointments", an online scheduling program. Go to:  to book your appointment. Please be sure to log in, make an account, and book your Kindergarten appointment between July 7th and September 5th. Remember your login as we use this program for Parent Teacher interviews later in the year! If you need help booking your appointment, there is a detailed Instruction Sheet posted below.

If you are interested in Volunteering, the process of getting your Criminal Record Check can take between 2-6 weeks. Please check here: for information on the process. Please take time this summer to get this done. It is free, good for 5 years and allows you to participate in school and class activities and field trips. Without this clearance, you will NOT be able to volunteer at school in any capacity.