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News: Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

March Star Students

Congratulations to our March Star Students! You have done an amazing job!

Div 1 - Landon F., Ayden W., Lukas S., Owen F.
Div 2 - Keagan K., Olivia B., Kohen I., Annie D.
Div 3 - Cole M., Gabie B., Emerson T., Tyler M.
Div 4 - Harsha K., Livi M.
Div 5 - Rory P., Owen B.
Div 6 - Chase S., Lily B., Roen D.
Div 7 - Drake J., Chelsea C.
Div 8 - Xander S., Alex V.
Div 9 - Hannah J., River S.
Div 10 - Leya M., Nathan M.
Div 11 - Skylar R., Emma M.
Div 12 - Kyah R., Jake W.
Div 13 - Annalisse D., Abby N.
Div 14 - Lucas T., Chloe S.

Cup cake day for March Star Students will be on May 1st.