Ms. Kenney's March 10th Newsletter

March 13, 2023

Dear Swift Families,

Wishing everyone a wonderful Spring Break – we hope it is a time of many great memories, time with friends and family and laughter.

We will see you on March 27th!

Spring Break Office Hours

The office will be open the first week of spring break, and will be closed the second. The doors will be locked. If you need to stop by, please call the school first so Ms. Dahl knows that you’re popping by!

Check Your SchoolCash Account

Please help us keep our accounting up to date and check your SchoolCash accounts. Any outstanding fees will be visible on your account.

Lost and Found – Last Chance for the Winter Posting

Please take a peek at the Lost and Found listed on the website. These items will all be donated on March 16th. A new posting of the items currently in the blue lost and found box will be posted over spring break.

Winter Lost and Found Listings

Strong Start – Nature Thursdays

Nature Thursdays return to Strong Start on March 30th. The group meets at 9:00 at the Bateman Park Playground. There will no longer be “indoor” Strong Start on Thursdays.

PAC NEWS – Neufeld Farms Ordering Now OPEN!

The PAC has opened the ordering from Neufeld Farms or Spring orders. The ordering closes on March 28th at 11:59pm.

Please follow this link – and feel free to share with friends and family -

Registration for 2023-24 – ON NOW!

Registration is now open for K-Gr. 5. There are a variety of ways to access all the information and to register, please see our website for information to register.

Please spread the word around the community - the sooner families register, the better. It is very helpful having accurate numbers when we begin planning for next year.

Dogs at School – A Reminder

In recent weeks we have noticed more dogs on the school ground at drop off and pick-up. Please be reminded that dogs – regardless of size are NOT permitted on school grounds. If you want to add a dog walk to your pick up and drop off routine, please say good-bye or hello off of the school grounds. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parking and Being Good Neighbours

We have noticed some problems creeping up again with parking and the drop-off lane. While we understand that parking can be tricky – we must be good neighbours & courteous to each other – remember, little eyes and ears are always watching and listening. Kids see and hear everything!

Please ensure you are:

  1. Follow City By-Laws - Not blocking driveways in the cul-del-sacs or on nearby roads. City bylaw states that there must be at least 1.5 meters of clearance to a driveway. There should also be no double parking. (For City Bylaws please go to:
  2. Not parking in the Drop-Off Lane – this is for dropping off and picking up students – please do not leave your car if you are in this lane. Do NOT pick up or drop off in the fire lane.
  3. Young Lungs at Work - we would like to remind you that areas around the school are “idle free zones”. If you’re waiting in the Drop-Off Lane, or are parked close by, please turn off your car – help our kids’ little lungs…and the environment! We thank you for your support.